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Our NEW World Class App is here!

Our NEW World Class App is here!

Our NEW World Class App is here!

It has been in development for a long, long time! When we set out to bring an app to our students, we wanted to give more value than just giving you information like a class schedule, links to youtube, & special event info. All of that is important and it's included in our app but we wanted to truly make it WORLD CLASS!

Not only did we film hundred of videos to show our students the material they learn in class but we literally created a new technology to assist our students in learning their curriculum and made it so intuitive that it's fun to use! We call it Step-by-Swipe. In the app a student can click their belt, and then click the "tip" they are looking to earn or learn more about. They will have 2 choices to see the material - 1. A Performance Video or 2. A Step-by-Swipe video. The Step-by-Swipe allows a student to interact and see each move of the form or self-defense routine at their own pace and repeat it as many times as possible. Along with the video the student will see the name of the move, the specifics like stance, and explanations plus where they are in the form from a "birds-eye" view. 

We know technology is here to stay and only going to become a bigger part of our lives and our child's lives. If we want our students to continue integrating healthy habits into their routine, we believe this app is a big step. A combination of class at the dojang mixed with practice from the app will not only be fun but also improve their abilities! 

With the app only out for a few days, we've already heard about how families are using it to interact with their kids. Asking to see watch their child's form and being able to see if they are doing it correctly with the app. And then quizzing "What stance are you supposed to be in?"

This app is just the start and we have a big vision with where it will go for our students and even the martial art and healthy lifestyle world!

To gain full access to the videos and Step-by-Swipe technology, you will need a password. Ask an instructor next time you are in the school or message us through the app!

To download the app click the link below! (Android version is coming soon!)
Download the World Class App!

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