Picking the RIGHT Martial arts school for your child!

Picking the RIGHT Martial arts school for your child!

For parents that are interested in martial arts for their children, finding the “right” school is most important. With all the different types of martial arts and different goals for each school, it’s important to find the one that matches with the values parents are looking for their children to gain. The questions and items we encourage people to ask and look for are:

• Quality of instructors – Not just as martial artists but as teachers. Credentials are great but doesn’t guarantee a personality that develops a great connection with students.

• Curriculum and how someone progresses – There are many “moves” people can learn in martial arts, from kicking, strikes, weapons, grappling, etc., so find what interested your child but also find out if the philosophy of progress makes sense to you. Does a student progress at their own pace or with everyone at the same time? Are the classes divided by age and experience level?

• Facility – Is the school clean and safe? If a school smells or isn’t kept well, it may show the quality of the program.

• Goal of the the program – Is the school designed to make the best competitive fighters or is it a character developing school? Are there events that encourage community or forced travel for competitors?

There is no one school that is right for everyone and looking at the above points should help lead you to make the right decision.

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