Top 15 Reasons to Try Tae Kwon Do: Part 1 of 3

Top 15 Reasons to Try Tae Kwon Do: Part 1 of 3

Tae Kwon Do – literally translated as “way of the foot and fist” – is taking the world by storm. Upon first glance it may seem like punches and kicks, but in reality, it is so much more than basic self-defense skills. It is an all-encompassing workout for the mind and body, offering the student the chance to develop physically, mentally and intellectually. Since its introduction as an official sport in 1976, Tae Kwon Do’s popularity has snowballed, with over 70 million people practicing the sport in 188 countries worldwide. Both popular and effective, Tae Kwon Do plays a very important role in military training programs and was named an official medal sport in the Olympic games in the year 2000.

This is the first part of a three-part series titled “Top 15 Reasons to Try Tae Kwon Do”,  by Justin Scarsella of Master Scarsella’s World Class Tae Kwon Do Training Program. Read below to read and learn about the first five…

1) Tae Kwon Do is for EVERYONE!:

There are no limitations on who can take part. Tae Kwon Do is one of those rare sports that works for everyone; young children, parents, seniors, males, females, athletes, and “non-athletes”, anyone who wants to stay active, fit and healthy…almost everyone. Very few sports – if any – can boast a similar claim. Even those recovering from injury and illness can take part. We have students from across the age spectrum (4 to 74), all coming from different backgrounds, with different athletic abilities and skill sets. Just about every aspects of Tae Kwon Do can be modified appropriately to challenge each individual to gain abilities and not be too overwhelming. Our talented instructors ensure that each and every one of them is able to take part in every class…and that they all have a blast.

2) Tae Kwon Do Develops Health, Fitness, Flexibility & A Strong Body:

The moves and kicks practiced in martial arts are fantastic for developing a strong body and enhancing fitness and flexibility. Tae Kwon Do is one of the only sports offering a full body workout. It is great for developing coordination and both fine and gross motor skills, through an array of cardio- and strength-based moves and techniques. Physical control, endurance, stamina and strength are all healthy byproducts of taking part, and are all hugely helpful for building lean muscle and improving overall cardiovascular health. It’s great for developing healthy habits for children and awesome for getting-in and staying-in shape for adults.

3) Tae Kwon Do Helps Excel Academic Performance:

Whether you are in school, being homeschooled, or an adult enjoying a continuing education program, martial arts has been proven to facilitate academic progress. Our students report faster reaction times, along with huge improvements in their focus and concentration, both in and out of the classroom. This is for two main reasons: firstly, exercise increases blood flow to the brain and helps the intricate development of the nervous system. This means enhanced memory, concentration skills and overall brain activity. And secondly, vital intellectual skills such as concentration, discipline, control and patience form the core foundation of martial arts teaching practice. These transferable skills are guaranteed to help students perform better in other areas, both physically and intellectually.

4) Tae Kwon Do Improves Athletic Skills in ALL Other Activities:

Tae Kwon Do is light years ahead of other sports, in that it enables the participant to use new muscle groups previously unexplored by other sports and activities. Many sports place heavy emphasis on one side of the body or type of movement like using the right arm to throw a ball or only using your dominant leg to kick a ball. Tae Kwon Do develops movements on both the right and left side, upper and lower body, using flexion and extension, and rotational and linear movements. It is also an excellent outlet to improve overall fitness levels. Agility, strength, endurance, balance, co-ordination, flexibility… these are all byproducts of taking part in martial arts and are all invaluable transferable skills with unlimited potential across the board. This help in all facets of life, especially physical activity. Soccer, tennis, swimming, softball, running, basketball, golf, skiing, dance, cheerleading, ballet…the list is endless. In short, any activity requiring movement can be enhanced by the skills taught in Tae Kwon Do.

5) Tae Kwon Do Offers Unlimited Mental Health Benefits:

Tae Kwon Do is far more than throwing kicking and punches. A huge component of the sport is control – effectively managing one’s energy, mind and body. As a result, it is a complete lifestyle change which brings about huge, positive mental health benefits. Those taking part in the discipline consistently develop self-esteem and confidence while learning the art of self-defense. At our school, our empowering instructors act as positive role models for young students by teaching them how success goes hand-in-hand with the patience, self-acceptance, strength and leadership skills taught in Tae Kwon Do. Our classroom is a positive social outlet that encourages personal progression and teaches students how to filter out society’s superficiality and focus on what really matters…ultimately helping them develop and maintain a positive self-image.

Top 15 Reasons to Try Tae Kwon Do: Part 1 of 3

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