Top 15 Reasons to Try Tae Kwon Do: Part 2 of 3

Top 15 Reasons to Try Tae Kwon Do: Part 2 of 3

Welcome to part two of our 3-part blog series titled “Top 15 Reasons to Try Tae Kwon Do”,  by Justin Scarsella of Master Scarsella’s World Class Tae Kwon Do Training Program. You can access the first post here. Read on to read the next five and discover more about the martial arts phenomenon taking the athletic world by storm!

6) Tae Kwon Do Helps You To Join a World Class Community

Most people have heard of the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This couldn’t be more true for martial arts and we fully integrate this philosophy into our curriculum when teaching. The role of parents, friends, teachers, families and coaches is paramount in a child’s development, and we believe it is really the only way they can be positioned for true success.  It is our mission to not only teach the highest quality martials arts but also create a community where people are accepted with the commonality of self-progress through hard work. The encouragement, role models, structure of respect is paramount in Tae Kwon Do training…not only with students and instructors, but even with parents! Our special events on top of regular classes are just an extension of this mission, and we host regular movie nights and family events to help our students and their families feel a part of a community. We have found such events encourage students of all ages and abilities to pursue training, and accelerate their success as a budding martial arts enthusiast.

7) Tae Kwon Do is a Great Family Activity

Family training is a huge part of our program. In our school we are renowned for providing great opportunities for families to train together…and play together! We are proud to offer families the chance to train together to impact every aspect of their lives. It is a great outlet facilitating quality time together as a family, in which children actually want to switch their treasured screen time for time on the mat. Families are able to spend time together, while engaging in a challenging physical workout – allowing them to stay active, fit and healthy while learning valuable self-defense and life skills. This opportunity is almost unparalleled in the sporting world.

8) Tae Kwon Do Gives the Student Confidence to Overcome Challenges – Both in and out of the Classroom

Contrary to popular belief, Tae Kwon Do teaches more than just fighting skills. It simultaneously trains the body and the mind to develop solid mental discipline and focus. It offers the opportunity to develop and finetune mental skills such as concentration, patience, focus and determination. Skills such as these are paramount to character development and the student figuring out their identity as they navigate the pitfalls of the tween and teen years – all the way into adulthood. This ultimately leads to their self confidence developing in leaps and bounds. This renewed confidence, self-esteem and positive self image helps the student overcome challenges in all areas of life – not just on the mat.

9) Tae Kwon Do Is Awesome For Stress Management and Release

Stress and anxiety affect every single one of us, some more than others. Stress is normal and we can’t avoid it most of the time. But we can learn how to manage it. Children in particular need help when learning how to navigate growing pressures and stresses as they get older. It is all a part of their physical and mental development. And Tae Kwon Do is a fantastic outlet for not only relieving stress, but developing essential skills to help the student learn how to cope with it in all life situations. Physically, the science is obvious: like all sports, it boosts your endorphins (neurotransmitters in the brain acting as a mood booster).  But martial arts go one step further. By nature it is a combative sport, promising an all-encompassing full body workout where you can throw high kicks and punches to your heart’s content! Such a physical release is fantastic for stress levels. But the impact and training does not stop there. The discipline teaches valuable skills highly effective in managing and reducing stress, such as patience. Mindfulness and stress reduction go hand-in-hand.

10) Tae Kwon Do Naturally Ensures Social Skill Development

As previously mentioned, mental skill development is a huge part of martial arts training. Martial arts teaches skills to help them develop and succeed in life – both personally and professionally. And socially, this has huge benefits. The student learns valuable socialization skills and techniques such as learning to shake hands properly, interact while kicking back and forth, eye contact and body language understanding. These transferable life skills are all essential for the student to develop healthy, sustainable relationships, and are particularly helpful for students who have difficulty communicating with others and establishing relationships and connections. A huge part of our Tae Kwon Do training is about having self awareness and knowing how to effectively communicate and interact with others. All of this gives the student a fighting chance (pun intended) at developing some deep and meaningful friendships!

Top 15 Reasons to Try Tae Kwon Do: Part 2 of 3

About the Author:If you are motivated to try one of our Tae Kwon Do classes, getting started is easy! Master Justin Scarsella has been teaching with his team of talented instructors in Birmingham since 2004, and World Class Tae Kwon Do Schools have been operating across the country since 1983! Their top-rated instruction methods, along with the time and care dedicated to each student’s needs and abilities, have seen him receive glowing reviews throughout his career. He now has two locations in the Hoover and Birmingham areas, and his classes cater to all ages, aged 4 and up – even families can take part together! You can try your first three classes FREE – which includes a FREE uniform! For more information, click here.